MothersEsquire thanks its first Law Firm Member, Cahill IP, PLLC, a law firm boutique in Louisville, Kentucky. Cahill IP is a woman-owned intellectual property law firm specializing in trademark, copyright, and advertising law counseling, litigation and protection.  Amy Sullivan Cahill, Managing Member and Founder of Cahill IP, in addition to being an acclaimed intellectual property attorney, is devoted to gender equity in the law.  Cahill IP is presently composed of four mom-lawyers, including MothersEsquire CEO, Michelle Browning Coughlin.  Please learn more about Cahill IP by clicking here.   

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 MothersEsquire thanks its sponsor, Legal Services Link, a leading online platform streamlining the process for researching and hiring an attorney, while also helping attorneys develop new clients. It replaces the traditional, time-consuming, and frustrating process for hiring an attorney with an efficient, online process, allowing individuals and businesses with legal needs to quickly post short summaries of their needs to the site, which are then emailed to the appropriate attorneys for review and consideration. Attorneys interested in satisfying those legal needs then submit short applications directly to the clients—for their review and acceptance.  To learn more about Legal Services Link, please click here


 MothersEsquire thanks its sponsor, Smith.ai, the fastest-growing US-based virtual receptionist service, with expertise in solo and boutique law firms. Their team of friendly receptionists have customer service and hospitality backgrounds, and act on your instructions to route calls, take messages, schedule appointments, escalate urgent issues, and much more. Smith.ai built their receptionist business from the ground up, designing an advanced system that helps their virtual receptionists get the information they need to handle every client’s calls with the familiarity and context of an in-house receptionist. Smith.ai’s team is comprised of many working mothers (and spouses of working mothers) and shares MothersEsquire’s commitment to advocacy and change in workplace awareness, equality, and respect. To learn more about Smith.ai, please click here.



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