Our Team


Michelle Browning Coughlin

FOUNDER & President

Michelle is an intellectual property attorney in Louisville, Kentucky, and proud mom of two 'tweens.  After a career in social work, Michelle started law school with a baby on her hip, and then had a second baby during law school while serving on Law Review.  Michelle draws upon her experiences and those of the thousands of mom-lawyers she has met along the way to advocate for change in the legal profession to reduce attrition of women & increase the gender equity for women lawyers, particularly those with children.  You can reach her at mcoughlin@wyattfirm.com.

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Lindsay Kennedy

Executive Director

Lindsay Kennedy is a stay-at-home mom, part-time lawyer, and military wife with two preschoolers in Watertown, New York.  After graduating in the top 10% from Chase College of Law in 2007, she clerked for two years for Judge Richard Smoak in the Northern District of Florida.  Then, she clerked in the Eastern District of Kentucky, but resigned after eight months to move to Germany where she was thrust into the joys and struggles of military life.  Lindsay supports changes in the legal profession to allow for more non-traditional options so both parents are afforded the opportunity to enjoy their family. Currently, she works part-time as a contract attorney doing legal research and writing.  You can reach her at LKennedy624@gmail.com


Puja Gatton

Puja is Senior Counsel for Texas Roadhouse, working as a member of the Litigation and Employment sub-team within “Team Legal.”  She feels lucky to work in an environment where the members are seen not just as crisis managers, but more importantly as business partners and proactive strategists. Puja was named one of Louisville Business First’s 20 People To Know in 2015 and was featured by Profile Magazine in 2017. She completed her undergraduate at Northwestern, and received her J.D. from Emory University. Puja has an eleven year old daughter and nine year old son. 

As one of the original members of MothersEsquire, Puja feels strongly that women aren’t treated equally in this profession and that women with children are treated even worse. She has seen first-hand, for example, women who are punished for leaving at a certain time to pick up children or otherwise attend to childcare needs, without regard to the contributions they make and the value they bring both while they are at work and after hours. She wants to move the needle on how women/mothers in this profession are viewed and treated and the vital importance of a work/life balance.  She also wants to help move the needle on how working parents in general are viewed and treated because things will not change for women unless things change for men as well. You can reach her at Puja.Gatton@texasroadhouse.com


Laura Landenwich

Laura practices law in Kentucky and Indiana and is a founding member of the Louisville firm Adams Landenwich Walton, PLLC. Laura received her Juris Doctor from the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, and her undergraduate degree in music and philosophy from Indiana University. She focuses her law practice on employment discrimination and civil rights litigation, representing clients who have been the victims of bigotry, ignorance, and the abuse of power. Laura argued the Kentucky marriage equality cases at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in August 2014, which later led to the landmark Supreme Court opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges. She has worked as a cooperating attorney with the ACLU of Kentucky, represented reproductive healthcare providers in their efforts to keep healthcare available to Kentucky women, and has successfully represented inmates in county jails who suffer inhumane conditions of confinement and other abuses.  Laura has been recognized by her peers as a Top Lawyer (Louisville Magazine) and a Super Lawyer for several consecutive years. Find out more at http://www.justiceky.com/attorney/laura-landenwich