Who are we?

We are Moms.  We are Lawyers. We are Master-Negotiators and Multi-Taskers -- at work and at home. We are the Equity Partners at the office and the Team Coach at school.  We drive mini-vans to depositions and to carpool line. We read briefs by day and Goodnight Moon by night.   And we are bringing women together to Disrupt the "Motherhood Penalty" in our profession.

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The Benefits of Membership

MothersEsquire connects you with a powerful network of other lawyer-moms, who understand the daily juggle you face.  In addition, membership with MothersEsquire gives you backstage access to information about legal employers directly from other women. Members also have access to helpful resources, continuing education, and recommendations tailored to the needs and interests of lawyer moms. Join our community and let us help you disrupt the "motherhood penalty."  This annual membership of only $25 will support the mission of a powerful network of women lawyers and bring you programs and content that are useful to your practice and your life.   Please join us!


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What is MothersEsquire™?

 The legal profession has not seen meaningful improvement in the promotion and retention rates of women lawyers for several decades. The impact of this on lawyers with caregiving responsibilites is profound.  Women lawyers across the profession continue to see a gender gap in pay, and a lack of transparency regarding decisions about pay and promotion in law firms. Much of this disparity is tied to a "maternal wall bias" or "motherhood penalty."  Until these issues are addressed, women lawyers will continue to leave the profession and struggle to attain the recognition and respect of our male colleagues.  It is time for change.  It is time to Disrupt the Motherhood Penalty.  MothersEsquire is here to advocate for change and provide our members with information, support, and a powerful network of like-minded lawyers.